• How to quickly clean your kitchen in just 20 minutes?

    The kitchen is the one room at the house that seems to require the most attention when cleaning. Not many of us have enough free time to properly clean the kitchen at least once a week. That does not mean that you should let it get greasy, dirty and full of clutter until the day you find enough time to clean it. Instead of allowing the dirt to build up and fill your kitchen, you can use this list of steps to accomplish a proper house cleaning in less than 20 minutes.

  • Can you make your house look clean without actually cleaning?

    Have you been to someone's house that looks amazing, yet they claim they haven’t cleaned in a while? How come your house, which you clean weekly, does not look nearly as good as theirs? What are you doing wrong? Those are questions most of us have asked ourselves. This article is going to explain why this is happening and if it is actually possible to make your house appear clean while not really cleaning it.