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How to quickly clean your kitchen in just 20 minutes?

tips-cleaning-kitchenThe kitchen is the one room at the house that seems to require the most attention when cleaning. Not many of us have enough free time to properly clean the kitchen at least once a week. That does not mean that you should let it get greasy, dirty and full of clutter until the day you find enough time to clean it. Instead of allowing the dirt to build up and fill your kitchen, you can use this list of steps to accomplish a proper house cleaning in less than 20 minutes.

By trying this quick cleaning method, you can manage to keep your kitchen clean at all times, just by spending 15-20 minutes every other day. Whenever your dirty dishes have piled up, your countertops are covered in rubbish and your floors are greasy and nasty, follow this step-by-step tutorial and put everything in order in no time.

Let see what you will need to properly complete this list:

  • rubbish bin
  • basket for the things that do not belong in the kitchen
  • dish soap
  • cleanser you usually use
  • sponge
  • scrubber
  • broom, mop, vacuum
  1. Assemble your supplies

    Trust us on this one. You will save yourself a lot of time by not going around looking for them. What is more, you will reduce your distractions by having them all together. We suggest you find a basket/container to put them all in (just like the housekeepers).

  2. Fill your sink with hot, soapy water

    Make sure you have a sink full of steamy, hot, soapy water, ready to dissolve all stubborn dirt from your dishes. Put in it all pots and pans that could not be scrubbed easily or would give your dishwasher a hard time.

  3. Scrape off all dishes and pots

    It is time to scrape off all food leftovers. larger stuck on food debris and more. Do this in the rubbish bin and only leave the really stubborn dirt.

  4. Put all dishes in the soapy water

    Choose the heavily soiled dishes and put them at the bottom. If you have any large pots or bowls, fill them with hot soapy water and leave them on the counter. Let them all soak in the sink for now and get back to them a bit later.

  5. Clean all the rubbish from your countertops, cupboards and table

    Take your rubbish bin and go around the whole kitchen. Pick up all rubbish and get rid of it. Do not bother with the things that do not belong in the kitchen. Focus on what belongs to the garbage only.

  6. Collect all items that are not supposed to be in the kitchen

    Place all items that do not belong in the kitchen in a basket. Do not waste time to put them back to their designated places. Leave them in the basket for now and put them back where they belong after you are done cleaning.

  7. Put away all things that belong in the kitchen but are not in the right places

    Gather all things that are in the kitchen and belong there but are misplaces. Do not get distracted by rearranging your cupboards or drawers - just put these items where they are supposed to be.

  8. Do the dishes

    Now that the dishes are done soaking, start washing them. You can get rid of the dirty water they have been soaking in, as well as scrape any leftovers that have fallen off them. If you have a dishwasher, load it. The hot water helps dissolve the stubborn grease and food so you may rest assured the dishwasher will be able to properly clean them.

  9. Wash your countertops, sink and appliances

    Take a sponge and your favourite cleaning product and scrub and clean everything. Remove all grease and dirt from the visible surfaces, as well as from the outside of your appliances. Wash your sink, your stove top and your table.

  10. Sweep, vacuum and mop your kitchen floor

If you have more time on your hands, or really enjoyed getting your kitchen claned, you may as well:

Here are some tips on how to keep your kitchen clean for longer:

  • Ask your family to help you clean. For example, make cleaning up after dinner a family activity, Put some music on, divide the tasks between family members and get the job done in no time!
  • Run a sink of hot soapy water before cooking. In the process, items like mixing bowls and cutting boards will get dirty. Soak them in the soapy water and make it easier to clean later.
  • Use this quick cleanup method not only for daily cleaning, but also if unexpected company is on its way.